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Woods Saddlery was established in 1984, in Westville, OK by Vol Woods. After Vol’s passing June 10, 2012 his daughter Debra Woods Brown took over the family business. Like many small businesses, it was the fruition of a lifelong passion. Vol began riding horses almost every day driving cattle for his uncles and father and continued the work until he chose to attend college at Oklahoma State University. His uncles and father would let him ride old saddles that they had traded for and he would have to repair them. After he got the saddles back in good working condition and looking good they would sell the saddles and give him another one to ride that was in need of repair. Vol wanted a saddle of his own, that he could keep, so badly during his early years that he grew to appreciate making worn out old saddles useable again. Once he started working with leather repairing saddles, he naturally gravitated to leather works such as making belts, purses, and wallets. Those talents helped him with college expenses.

After Vol graduated, he began ranching and entered into a career with the Oklahoma government before retiring and starting Woods Saddlery as a hobby. His business quickly grew as he was one of very few experienced saddle repair men around the area. His daughter, Debra Brown, joined him in the business over 15 years ago. Vol likes to tell customers that he taught her everything he knows and she still doesn't know anything. (A joke that he learned from a cousin many years ago.) Debra has an affinity and talent for designing one-of-a-kind, custom purses, chaps, pillows, belts, wine holders and many other hand--crafted leather goods.
Woods Saddlery is unique in many ways. Vol was born about a mile from the business' current location, and his roots run deep. Just about any leather goods, saddles, or tack can be found, made, or ordered from Woods Saddlery.
 Woods Saddlery
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